7 Exotic Adventures in and Around Australia

Make your next vacation holiday the best ever! Indulge your exotic side and visit some of these most fantastic off-the-beaten track destinations that are sure to leave you feeling inspired and refreshed. Whether you are a water baby or a creature of land you will find something for you in this quick round up of seven of the best exotic adventures to be found in Australia.Champagne Springs The Kimberley

1. Tiwi Islands

In the Northern Territory of Australia, at the juncture the Arafura and Timor Seas meet, lay the exotic Tiwi Islands. These islands are inhabited by a population of about 2500 Tiwi indigenous Australians. Take a cultural trip to these islands and experience the rich history of these people which dates back prior to the European settlement.

These tropical islands burst with vibrant colors and tropical weather. The Aboriginal community places high priority on conservation to preserve the distinctive vegetation; which grows due to the abundance of rainfall and the islands’ isolated location. There is a unique Polynesian influence on the islands; totally distinct from the mainland. Your visit will give you an inside view of their everyday lifestyle which includes an abundance of art, unique bird species and sports such as Australian rules football and cricket.

2. Shark Diving at Fish Rock Cave NSW

Fish Rock Cave is a top Australian dive site. It is located on the NSW Mid North Coast off Smoky Cape. The cave is 125 meters long and up to 24 meters deep through the middle of a little island. Fish Rock Cave is among few sites in Australia where divers get an up close look at the endangered Grey Nurse shark. The rare docile sharks hover in the gullies; providing unbelievable photo opportunities for divers.

The splendor of Fish Rock Cave also includes aquatic life that hangs out in its waters. As one of the largest ocean caverns, divers experience the adventure of seeing shark and bull rays, carpet sharks, blind sharks and many other out of the ordinary species.

3. Cultural Tour with the Aboriginals in the Northern Territory

The Pinnacles -WATaking a cultural tour in the Northern Territory is a treat for visitors of all ages. The traditions of the Aboriginal people are not just merely entertaining but provide visitors with an appreciation of art, tradition and deep seated values.

A cultural tour includes lessons on playing the didgeridoo, a 1500 year old indigenous Australian wind instrument.  Try some unique native cuisine, called bush tucker in Australia, such as crocodile, emu (large Australian bird) or kangaroo. Get a glimpse of Aboriginal theater, dance, celebrations and other customs which make up their deep rooted culture.

4. Drive through the Pinnacles in Western Australia

The Pinnacles are an extraordinary group of limestone rock formations located in coastal Cervantes. There are several means by which it is said that the Pinnacles were formed in ancient times. Some believe they are millions of years old formed by seashells; others opine they were formed from lime and rain.

Whatever the origin, a drive through this compelling territory is a treat to the senses. The best views are early in the morning or late afternoon to see breathtaking displays of light and shadow. The ideal months to visit is between August to October in order to be sure to glimpse the exotic wildflowers and native vegetation.

5. Red Sunset at Broken Hill NSW

Broken Hill, an isolated mining town in the far west outback, is a unique gem that should not be missed. It is the location of the largest mining company in the world The ancestral Aborigine community appreciated and respected the awe inspiring spiritual element in the region. In modern times its uniqueness has been appreciated and used as a backdrop for commercials, movies and television programs.Daintree Forest

It is the magnificent red sunsets that make Broken Hill a worldwide popular attraction. Words cannot describe how the orange and red horizon glows as the sun makes its evening farewell. When you visit, it is impossible to miss the famous inspirational red sandstone sculptures enjoyed by millions of people for almost twenty years.

6. Daintree Rainforest in QLD

The Daintree tropical rainforest can be found along Queensland’s northeast coast. Daintree encompasses the largest continuous tropical rainforest on the continent of Australia; growing all the way to the sea’s edge along the north coast.

The wilderness in the rainforest takes hiking to a new, exotic level with exciting and spectacular scenery along its many trails and climbs. Experienced bushwalkers enjoy slopes of rainforest on hikes that can take up to six hours. Lookouts such as the one on Mount Sorrow reward hikers with views of Snapper Island and the entire Daintree coastline.  If you are the adventurous type looking for new challenges, Daintree Rainforest is the destination for you.

7. Kimberley in Northern Territory

The Kimberley region stretches over 1000 kilometers in the Northern Territory. The remote, rugged area provides a diverse and challenging experience for climbers seeking new adventures. The region is known for magnificent waterfalls and gorges interspersed with tough dry ranges.

Australian Wildlife Road SignA climbing excursion will treat you to some of the rarest fauna imaginable. Remarkable creatures such as blue and frill necked lizards, fresh and saltwater crocodiles and geckos call the Kimberley region home. Keep your eye out and camera ready to enjoy wallaroos, kangaroos and a host of amphibians and other creatures that you will encounter along your way.

Kristy Alexander is a travel writer with a passion for adventure or discovery. When she’s not on the road she can be found writing about her travels for the discount accommodation specialists – HotelClub.