Tuscan Villas Free Spas Palio Museums Culture

There are plenty of free things to do in Tuscany. Indeed, you could take a holiday in Tuscany without spending more than your airfare ticket. Well, almost.First thing, let’s start with Tuscan villas. You can rent one in exchange for your hometown house. If you live in a popular area such as New York, Italians will go for your apartment in no time in exchange for an equal length stay at their villa. Another option is to exchange work for stay. You can work at the property you are renting, or in another location servicing the accommodation owners. In exchange owners will let you stay at the property for free for the length of your working period.

What would you say about free spas? Thankfully Tuscany is a very active land in terms of underground activity. Throughout the territory you will find free thermal spas beneficial to your health and relaxation that you can access without paying a dime. So after a day at your Tuscan villa you can drive to the spas and deeply relax in hot springs rejuvenating yourself while enjoying the company of your friends. The most popular spas are Petriolo near Siena, Bagni San Filippo towards Mount Amiata, Bagni Vignoni near Montalcino, and Saturnia near Grosseto. Of course they are non-equipped spots, completely immersed in nature and preserved as such, therefore you will need to be prepared to step on some dirt and walk on uneaven paths. If you can manage this small sacrifice the reward is certainly priceless, especially during summer nights.

If you are looking for free events, I will bring you to the Palio of Siena. While sitting on the bleechers that surround the square would cost you a very dear price, the ancient costume of occupying the center of the square is still totally free, and just requires some smart moves to be just as enjoiable as a bleecher seat. Remember to go early, at around 2 PM, bring an umbrella for sun or rain, plenty of water (you can also buy it on the spot), some food, and avoid bringing small children. Wherever you sit, that is going to be your spot. If you lose it, it’s gone. Remember to stay as close to the wood railings as possible to get the best visual. The emotion of seeing the horses pass you by at full speed is undescribable and cannot be felt comfortably sitting on a chair. However, if you want to buy tickets for the event, you should ask your Tuscan villa owner, as there is no official ticketing service for Palio, and accommodation providers often get some ticket allowance.

If you are looking for a more relaxed entertainment, you should visit the many museums of Tuscany that each year offer interesting exposition and permanent shows on art, history, places, culture of the territory. The nice news is that throughout the year there are many occasions to enter museums for free thanks to special events. You should be on the lookout for the Culture Week (Settimana della Cultura), The Musum NIght (Notte dei Musei), the European Cultural Heritage days, and Women’s Day. Moreover, search for the Tourism promotional office of the area you are going to visit, and ask the upcoming events involving free museum entrance.

Finally, what could be more free than the cultural heritage spectacle that displays in front of your eayes whenver you walk through Tuscany? Cities such as Siena, Florence, San Gimignano, Lucca, Pisa, Livorno, Grosseto, Pienza, just to name a few, and the areas of Valdorcia, Chianti, and Val di Chiana, among many others, are on display each day for you. Tuscany boasts 6 UNESCO world heritage sites on its territory (Florence, Siena, Valdorcia, Pienza, San Gimignano, and Pisa), and each one can be visited without paying a cent. You can depart from your Tuscany villa for daily tours and discover all these sites, a truly inspiring experience. The advice here is to visit them between May and June and September through October. Leave the crowded months to others!